Research and Development

Let our team of trusted Research and Development specialists and Machine Learning, Data Science and other engineers guide your business into the future.

Custom Software Development

We’ll take care of your digital product from start to finish: from analyzing and your business objectives to delivering a ready-to-use product.

Dedicated Software Developers

Apperture can cover the full scope of your digital project. This gives you the an easy access to team of developers with a different skillset.

Our team

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C++, Python, ML

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Python Ninja

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JS, PHP, React, Angular, Node

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PHP Samurai

Case Study

Projects we proud to be part of

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Rabbit Tractors

Autonomous tractor no longer has to be a huge machine capable of dozens of acres of production an hour. Multiple smaller and simpler machines can accomplish the same amount of work in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Intelligent Radar

Safety and reliability of driverless cars rely on the performance of their sensors to perceive the road objects. Sencept's imaging radars visualize, classify and track the objects on the road in all lighting and weather conditions.